Payment Policies:
Registration: There is a $15.00 registration fee on registration
day Aug. 18th, 2018. Students who register after Aug. 18th  will
incur a $25.00 registration fee.
Telephone and e-mail  registration is
$25.00 no matter the date.
When you register you will receive a dance payment coupon
booklet. This booklet consists of 10 equal monthly payments, 1
costume payment, and your complimentary ticket to our recital in
June 2019.
Payments may be made by cash or check.
Payments are due the
first week of each month. We do charge a late fee of $10.00 per
month for late payments and a $25.00 insufficient check fee.  
Please note that monthly payments are not pro-rated. There may be 3,
or 4, or sometimes 5 classes in a month.
Yearly Tuition:
     1 hour class per week ~ $500.00  year / $50.00 mth.
     1& 1/2 hour class per week ~ $600.00 year / $60.00 mth.
    Extra class per week ~ $400.00 ~ year / $40.00 mth.
 (For those students taking more than 1 class per week)
You may choose to make monthly payments in 10 equal installments
for your classes. Example: $50.00 per month for 1 hour classes and
$60.00 per month for 1&1/2 hour classes...
Frequently Asked Questions
1. What will I need for dance class ?
Leotard - any color, if a skirt is attached that is fine, but I have found in past years that separate
skirts cause a lot of distraction (the little ones would much rather wear them on their heads or
like a cape around their shoulders), it's quite comical, but very distracting and not a real good
Tights - any color, but please make sure they ARE footed, very important as this makes   getting
your tap shoes on a lot easier.       
Pink ballet slippers, black tap shoes, and black jazz shoes (if you are taking jazz).

2. Where can I get all these things I need ?
You can purchase ballet, tap, jazz shoes, tights. and leotards right at the studio!! We now have
Balera shoes/tights/and leotards in stock! A very reputable company with top-of-the-line shoes
and great leotards and tights, all at affordable prices...

3. What do I do if my child misses a class,  her/his class falls on a day off  , or cancellation due to
You should make that class up on another day. In your registration packet you will find a list of
all classes taught during the week. Your child may come to any age appropriate class to make up
the one they missed. You do not need to call in advance.

4. How do I know when days off are ?
We follow the Fryeburg School Schedule, in your registration packet you will find a calendar.
And in case of snow days I also follow the Fryeburg School Schedule. If school is cancelled, dance
classes are also cancelled.  You may also listen to our local radio station WMWV 93.5 for snow
cancellations or on television WMTW ABC Channel 8.
Things that Moms can do to be sure
their child has an enjoyable and fully
educational dance experience......
Please make sure your child is in class every week,  and
most important, on is difficult for some children to
walk into a class that has already started.....
Please don't forget their dance shoes...they cannot learn
proper technique without them. You wouldn't go to your
flute lesson without your flute, right ???
Please make sure they have on proper dance attire, their
leotard and tights...and please have their hair pulled up
off their face and neck.
A Quote from the great ballerina Helen Thomson, b. 1943:
"The small child at dancing class may never become a professional dancer - but the
courtesies and disciplines, as well as the joy in movement, will touch her/him
Tina Titzer's